The Animal Control Department’s purpose is to promote health and safety in the Orange Cove community related to animal issues and services.


  • Development of low cost spay neuter programs
  • Humane sheltering for lost, abandoned and neglected pets
  • Return of lost pets to families
  • Adoption services
  • Improve the quality of care provided to animals in the shelter
  • Develop organizational capacity
  • Communicate effectively and timely within the shelter
  • Decrease the shelters euthanasia rate and increase the positive release rate
  • Improve the quality and quantity of shelter adoptions
  • Develop a positive, visible presence in the community

Animal Control Contact Information:
: 808 2nd Street
Office: (559) 626-4488
Cell: (559) 779-6684
Hours: M – F, 7:00a.m. – 3p.m.


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The shelter always welcomes volunteers…

The City of Orange Cove is very fortunate to have generous and caring volunteers who devote several hours a month to the welfare of all the animals in the animal shelter; they clean, walk dogs, groom animals, and more.  This team of volunteers work very hard, but we are always looking for more volunteers willing to help out!  If you are interested in volunteering at the animal shelter please contact Bertha at 559-393-7034 for more information.

If you are interested in ADOPTING one of our many loveable dogs and/or are interested in low cost spay/neuter programs please Contact Jolie at 559-201-6212.


NadiaMeet Nadia:

Nadia is a two year old black & white Pittbull mix.  She is very friendly with people and other dogs.  Nadia is spayed and ready to be adopted into a happy and loving home.

Goofy houseMeet Goofy:

This curious little dog is Goofy.  He is about two years old.  He loves being around people and is friendly with other dogs.  He is neutered and ready to be adopted into a forever loving home.