The City Council is the governing body of the City of Orange Cove and has the power to make and enforce all laws and regulations with respect to municipal affairs, subject to the limitations and restrictions of the State Constitution.


  • Maintain and enhance public safety
  • Encourage economic development opportunities for existing and new businesses
  • Enhance the visual appeal of downtown
  • Road improvements
  • Maintain a balanced budget and look for opportunities to maintain the general fund reserve
  • Ensure and maintain City’s infrastructure
Victor P. Lopez - orange cove mayer

Mayor Victor P. Lopez
Contact number: (559) 287-7239
Term expires November 2018


Mayor Pro Tem Diana Guerra Silva
Contact number: (559) 393-1598
Term expires: November 2020

Councilwoman Josie Cervantes
Contact number: (559) 393-5266
Term expires: November 2020

Councilman Gilbert Garcia
Contact number: (559) 391-7977
Term expires: November 2018
Email: gilbert.garcia@cityoforangecove

Councilwoman Minerva Pineda
Contact number: (559) 391-7769
Term expires: November 2018