Orange Cove Police Department 
FAQ – Code Enforcement

How many pets am I allowed at my residence? 
You are allowed only three (3) adult animals. (OCMC 17.04.940) 

Can I have farm animals on my property in the City of Orange Cove? 
No. No farm animals or animals that would constitute an agricultural use. (OCMC 17.04.940) 

Do I need a permit to have a yard or garage sale? 
Yes. A permit is required for yard or garage sales. (OCMC 5.12.100) 

When I walk my dog(s) do I need to have them on a leash? 
Yes. The dog must be in complete control of a person by a leash or in a motor vehicle. (OCMC 6.04.110) 

What is an abandoned vehicle? 
An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that is not operable, missing parts, broken windows, flat tires, expired registration, appearance of graffiti, paint and body damage, incomplete vehicle, excessive amounts of cobwebs and debris on or surrounding vehicle, a vehicle that is stationary for extended periods of time, or in a general appearance of disrepair. 

Where can I store a vehicle that meets the criteria of an abandoned vehicle? 
The only places that an abandoned vehicle can be stored is in a completely enclosed building, or behind a solid six foot high wood fence were the vehicle, or parts of the vehicle, cannot be viewed from a road, highway, or public right of way