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Several studies have shown that the more transparent a local government is, the more the citizens will participate and the better they will general feel about their city.  As part of management and my position as a Finance Director, I will try to provide residents and others with as much easily accessible public information as possible.  Under the Finance Department tab, you will see various reports such as the audited financial statements, warrant register, unclaimed checks, and cash & investments reports.  Back in November 2014, the City was issued an unqualified opinion from our auditors, the highest level of assurance regarding our financials. If there is public information you’d like to see routinely from the Finance Department, please contact me and let me know.

Finance Department

The City of Orange Cove Finance Department is responsible for managing the City’s finances.

The Finance Department’s objectives are to:

  • Demonstrate integrity, accountability, consistency, professionalism and a strong work ethic
  • Prepare timely and fairly stated financial reports that monitor current financial activities


  • Develop an accounting policies and procedures manual
  • Prepare year-end financial statements in-house
  • Update accounting software and computer equipment to maximize efficiency within our department

Randall Uyeda – Finance Director
Contact: (559) 626-4488 Ext #216