Q: How do I apply for water service?

A: You may apply in person at the City Hall Finance Department, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may also contact City Hall at 626-4488 on how to open services via e-mail or fax.  A Social Security Number and Driver’s License Number and a deposit (if you are a renter) will be required to open an account.

Deposit Requirements: Pursuant to City Council Policy Resolution No. 16 and NMC 13.04.050:

Deposit equal to the sum of Two month’s charges for all utilities provided by the city to the property.  (equals to $162.24).

Q:  Is there an underground leak adjustment and can I apply for it?

A:  One underground leak adjustment is permitted within a 5-year period per account or address.  The application must be received within 60 days from confirmation or discovery of the leak and the adjustment must be for more than 5,000 gallons of water. Please contact the Finance Department at 559-626-4488 for additional information.

Q:  Can my late fee be waived?

A:  If you feel that a late fee was charged in error, please email cc@cityoforangecove.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 559-626-4488 and have your account number ready for faster service.

Q:  Can I get an extension to pay my water bill and keep my water service on?

A:  An extension request is evaluated on the account history and the circumstances of the case. Contact the Finance Department at 559-626-4488 for assistance and have your account number ready.

Q:  Who else can I call for help with paying my bill?

A:  Proteus, 891-0135

     Salvation Army, 626-4303

     Catholic Charities, 237-0851

Business License Questions & Answers

Q:  Do I need a license to conduct business in Orange Cove and why?

A:  The City of Orange Cove requires everyone doing business in the City of Orange Cove to pay a business license tax.  The tax on most businesses is based on gross receipts earned and must be renewed at the end of the applicable period.  Licenses are issued for revenue purposes only.  It is not a permit to operate a business in violation of City, County, State and Federal Laws.

Q:  Where do I get information about business tax requirements?

A: City of Orange Cove Finance Department cc@cityoforangecove.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or at City Hall, 633 6th Street, Orange Cove, CA 93646, 559-626-4488  Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday

Q: Who is taxed?

A: Businesses that are located in the City of Orange Cove or that are located outside the City but generate receipts within the City limits are required by City Ordinance to pay a business tax to the City.

Q:  What information is needed to obtain a business license?

A:  To obtain a business license, a completed application with information about the business and an estimate of gross receipts to be earned in the City of Orange Cove during the first period is required.  If the business is located in the City of Orange Cove, a zoning clearance or a home occupation use permit from the Planning Division is necessary.  Certain applicants may also require clearance and special permits from other City or County departments.  (See “How is the application reviewed and processed?)

Q:  How is the tax calculated?

A:  The initial tax is based on your estimate of gross receipts and multiplied by the applicable rate, depending on the business.  At the end of each reporting period, a renewal form will be mailed to the business and the new tax calculation will be based on the prior period’s actual gross receipts.

Q:  How is the application reviewed and processed?

A:  The business license application is processed by the Finance Department for the issuance of the business license.  Additionally, the application will be referred to the Planning, Code Enforcement, Building and Police Departments as necessary.  Inspections may be required as part of the approval and clearance process for those department’s permits.  If the business is a food establishment, a permit from the County Health Department will also be necessary. 

Q:  Can I do business while my license is in process?

A:  Applicants will be issued a business license upon completion of the Finance Department’s review of the application and payment of the business license tax.  However, if your business requires one or more permits from other City or County departments, start of business must wait for those departments to issue the required permits.

Q:  How can I obtain a copy of a current business license?

A:   A current business license can be re-issued for a $10.00 fee by requesting in person or by letter with payment to 633 6th Street, Orange Cove, CA 93646.  The business license will be mailed to the business address on record. 

Q:  How can I obtain a copy of a prior year’s business license?

A:  We are unable to provide copies of prior year licenses.  However, a letter can be prepared stating how long your business has been licensed.  For faster service, send request via email to cc@cityoforangecove.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call or write us at the Finance Department, 633 Sixth Street, Orange Cove, CA 93646, (559) 626-4488 .  The letter will be mailed to the current business address on record.  

Q:  What else do I need to do to start my business?

A:  If you conduct business using a name other than your legal name (DBA), you are using a fictitious business name.  Contact Fresno County Recorder’s Office for more information.

If you sell tangible property, you are required to obtain a Seller’s Permit from the State Board of Equalization (BOE) for the purpose of collecting and reporting sales tax to the State of California. For additional information on sales and use tax please visit www.boe.ca.gov/sutax/use-tax.htm

If you have employees and withhold State Income Tax, Disability and Unemployment insurance, contact the State Employment Development Department (EDD) to obtain a State Employer ID number.

If you intend to have employees or to obtain a Form 540 for estimating State Withholding Tax for yourself, contact the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

If you plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, contact the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC).

Depending on the type of business being conducted, please consult the Department of Consumer Affairs . Many professions, including Building Contractors, need to obtain California State Licenses.

Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a federal employer ID number, a businessman’s kit, seminars for new businesses, additional information and forms. 

Weights and Measures: If your business uses a weighing or measuring device, a (PLU) price lookup system or scan gun system for retail sales, a permit from the Fresno County will also be necessary.  Call Fresno County for assistance.

Cashiering Questions & Answers

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We accept cash, check, or money order if paying in person at City Hall. Visa and MasterCard are accepted through online bill payment.  Electronic bill payment providers or Direct Payment may be used.  Establish Automatic Bill Payment at www.directpaymentplan.com.

Q:  What are your business hours and where are you located?

A:  The City of Orange Cove Finance Department is located at the City Hall, 633 6th Street, Orange Cove, CA 93646 and is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Q:  Can I pay my bill on-line or over the phone?

A:  We don’t take payments over the phone, but the Electronic bill payment service providers or Direct Payment may be used online.  Establish Automatic Bill Payment at www.directpaymentplan.com.

Q:  Where can I pay my garbage bill?

A:  Your garbage fee is added to your utility bill. If you need to rent a temporary trash can, 3-yard bin, or roll-off, you would need to request that temp. service from Pena’s Disposal and pay them directly. Pena’s contact number is (559) 528-6997. 

Accounts Receivable Questions & Answers

Q: What is the balance on my account?

A:  Contact the Finance Department at (559)626-4488.  Please have your account number ready for faster service.

Q:  How can I appeal an invoice or citation from the City of Orange Cove?

A:  You may mail your appeal to the department that issued the invoice or citation as indicated:

Parking Citation- Police Department (Traffic Division) at (559) 626-5178

Weed Abatement – City Hall at (559)-626-4488

Administrative Citation – Community Development Department (Code Enforcement) at (559) 626-4488

Other Accounts Receivable – Finance Department at (559)-626-4488

General Customer Service & Comment

Q: How can I resolve my account in collection?

A:  Contact Grant Mercantile Agency (accredited collection agency) directly at (800) 821-7530 or the collection agency that contacted you.  Finance Department staff may be contacted at (559) 626-4488 to assist you with a detailed explanation of your account activity.  However, payment will need to be processed through the collection agency.

Q:  How do I provide feedback on the service I received?

A:  A written communication is preferred by e-mail via our website links or by mail.  You may also contact the Senior Accountant or the Finance Director by calling 559-626-4488

Q:  Where do I report water quality issues?

A:  Before reporting a specific problem, please note whether your concern is with color, odor, taste, or something other, and be prepared to answer the following questions:

• Is the problem in the hot water, cold water, or both?

• Is the problem observed at all faucets?

• Do neighbors see a similar problem?

• Is there construction activity nearby?

Call Water Department staff at (559) 626-7728

Q:  Where are the county offices located?

A:  Fresno County Admin.: 1221 Fulton Mall 5th Floor, Fresno CA 73775, #600-3387

Fresno County Clerk-Recorder’s Office: Hall of Records, 2281 Tulare St., Room 302 Fresno, CA 93721, #600-7691

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office: 2200 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721, #488-3939