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Orange Cove Police Department
Mission Statement


Through these doors pass the finest Police Professionals in California. We are here to make a difference. We believe we do and we will try each and every day to make our community safer and a better place to live.

We are a Purpose Based Organization founded on three principles.

The first is to be of the highest personal and professional character, the second is to maintain the highest level of professional competence, and the third is to live up to our commitment to the People of Orange Cove that we will strive to provide the highest quality, most cost effective police services possible. Improving the quality of life for everyone is our highest priority. CHARACTER, COMPETENCE, AND COMMITMENT are the principles we value.

My personnel are my most valuable and precious resource. It is through their dedication and excellence that we are successful in serving the community.

Our vision for Orange Cove is that we will be one of the primary stakeholders in helping our community address and overcome our challenges. The men and women of this department are an integral part of what makes us great. We look forward to the day when Orange Cove will be the safest community in Fresno County, where families and business flourish, and the future success of the City is limited only by the imagination and willingness of our residents to work together for the common good.

Our Mission is Simple: Life, Liberty, and Relentless Pursuit of
all those who threaten it.

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City Council
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NOVEMBER 13, 2013
Job Openings - Click below for details
Job Openings - Click above for details
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