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Water Department

The water program provides strategic planning for meeting the City’s water needs. The program entails engineering and related administrative functions involved in the operation and distribution of the City water system. This includes; the design and administration of capital improvement projects; water quality assurance and control; preparation, correlation and analysis of reports and statistical data; contract services: fire hydrant maintenance; and interagency coordination.

attachment 5 wtp 1Goals

  • Meet all requirements set forth by the City, state and Federal agencies
  • Perform water main valve exercising program
  • Maintain and repair of water services. main and hydrant leaks
  • Perform backflow prevention program
  • Maintain adequate pressure (50psi)in distribution system
  • Monitor water quality
  • Provide effective treatment and distribution of water for public health, safety and customer acceptability
  • Provide adequate water in storage tank for fire protection
  • Encourage and monitor water conservation
  • Increase water plant treatment capacity
  • Acquire additional storage and retrofit existing ponds with liners
  • Partner with other agencies, seek collaborations
  • Utilize paperless work order system for equipment repair (Facility Dude)

Water Treatment Plant:
: 602 2nd Street
Contact: Andy Valencia, Water System Operator III
Office: 626-7728
Cell: (559) 318-6001
Hours: M – F, 7:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.
Emergency: (559) 318-6001